LAKE cycling shoes for walking and cycling. If youdon't have a clipless pedal system then Garry can still optimise bicycle contact points for increased comfort and efficiency.

If you don't currently ride a clipless pedal system and simply use 'flats' then you can still benefit from a bikefit. Whilst I would still recommend using a clipless design, it isn't for everyone. There's no point riding in pain however, so don't think that just because you aren't using clipless pedals that a bikefit isn't for you. Please feel free to contact me using the book now button below or contact section of this website for further information and to book in. 


  • A Rider questionnaire.

  • Functional and physiological assessment of rider limitations.

  • * Foot Correction using patented methods developed by Steve Hogg. 

  • Contact Point Optimisation (Kurt Kinetic Rock N Roll)

  • Supply & fitment of any new components.

  • Post Fit Notes & Recommendations.

  • BikeCAD drawing of new bicycle position.

  • A follow up within 12 weeks if necessary.


  • Cleat Adjustments (as there are no cleats)

  • Torque Analysis or Crank Length Assessment 

* The above price is that for a bike fitting with Garry. Insoles, wedging & any shimming will further be determined using patented techniques developed by Steve Hogg.  There are currently only 10 fitters in the world licensed to use these methods of which he is one. This means the final cost can't be pre determined and the cost of these items is in addition to the above fitting fee. Sidas insoles will be used unless you opt for the G8 2620's. In some cases where arch height differs substantially I may recommend G8's as the best option. 

  • G8 Insoles £93

  • Sidas Insoles £30

  • Wedges £3 p/wedge

  • Shims £5 p/shim

  • Custom Speedplay Shim stack £35