Here Garry looks to find the optimum arch height andloation for each foot independently. This is achieved using custom G8 footbeds. Each foot has the appropriate height of arch support module fitted in the correct location fore/aft and medially.

More than 99.99% of people need foot correction in their cycling shoes. Common statements from prospective fit clients can typically sound something like this.. "Oh I'm not that serious a cyclist" or "I don't think I need that" which is nothing more than assumption based on a lack of understanding and maybe even confidence. Everyone needs it and that is why it is included in every fitting I undertake.


In so many cases relating to comfort on a bicycle - people just don't know what they don't know. We have not evolved to ride bicycles, it is an un natural activity and there is a proprioceptive connection we need to make between foot and brain if we want to optimise our performance on a bicycle whilst reducing our  susceptibility to overuse injuries. When I say everyone needs it, we must think about what riding a bike means. You are riding a bike in a position just now and your saddle may be 40mm too high, it may be 40mm too low but you're still riding your bike. The same can be said for foot correction, you may be riding your bike without it just now, so it is possible to do so, but that doesn't mean it isn't better with it, in the same as your saddle would be far better set at the correct saddle height.

pre bikefit assessment of the clients feet is essential in understanding foot function before moving onto foot correction.

Foot Correction consists of the application of suitable insoles or orthotics (when needed) and wedging or canting of the foot. 

Feet vary dramatically and the range of insoles I stock allow for this. It is worth noting here that insoles which have been made for walking and running won't work in your cycling shoes as the way the foot behaves in a cycling shoe is different to how it behaves when walking and running. It's a little bit like the common misconception that if your feet point a certain way off the bike, they should look the same on the bike. I hear this a fair bit as well - the reality is often something different - in both cases.

Wedging can come in several forms. There are in the shoe (ITS) forefoot wedges which are positioned inside the shoe under the forefoot, cleat wedges - which are positioned between the cleat and the sole of the cycling shoe and heel wedges which as the title suggests are placed underneath the heel inside the shoe.


The kind of wedging you need and the numbers of wedges you need are individual to you and are dependent on whether arch support has been properly applied to begin with. There only is a correct number of wedges placed in the correct location which will help attain proprioceptive feedback from the feet and NOT - like many market driven services indicate - as many as are required to get you 'tracking' properly.

In The Shoe ITS Forefoot wedges. Garry Kirk Bike Fitting Scotland.
Steve Hogg Heel Wedge used by Garry Kirk BikeFitting

This is a complex subject and again it is often implemented wrongly. The issue with doing this wrong is that it can actually do more harm than good. 

The result of getting it right however, is stability of the foot, improved neural feedback from the feet and in turn improved biomechanics. These improvements increase efficiency and reduce the risk of overuse injuries. 

N.B A good fitting, stiff soled cycling shoe really helps in achieving optimal foot correction and also in reducing a large many other foot related issues on a bicycle. For info on cycling shoes please check here or contact me here.

The above price for the foot correction service with Garry. Insoles, wedging & any shimming will further be determined using patented techniques developed by Steve Hogg.  There are currently only 10 fitters in the world licensed to use these methods of which he is one. This means the final cost can't be pre determined and the cost of these items is in addition to the above fitting fee. Details of these costs can be found here.

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