SMP SADDLE FITTING - 1 hour - £50*

I stock the full range of SMP performance test saddles and I'm a recognised 'SMP Test Centre' . It is SMP's philosophy that saddles are ridden and assessed rather than a decision making process of measuring "Sit Bone" width  or any other such methods.


SMP are not re inventing the wheel every year to sell saddles. The price reflects saddles that have been well designed in the first instance and don't need any more work. I don't know about you, but the last time I checked, human anatomy wasn't changing or evolving on a year by year basis so why are saddles?  Just when you think you've found the right one, they stop making it or they change the shape but still call it the same thing - yet it doesn't feel anything like the older model did.

SMP's are hand made in Italy, are recoverable, don't sag, have padding which doesn't deform and can be bought with carbon rails as well. They are built to last and are an investment for your backside. At the end of the day, you're sat on your bike everytime you're out  riding it. It makes sense this contact point is taken care of properly.

*The cost of the service is refundable against the cost of a new saddle. Saddles cost £200 and there is an additional £10 fee should you wish to purchase a coloured one.



The saddle fitting takes place on the bikefitting jig. The process simply confirms which saddle will suit your needs best. NO bike measurements will be provided and the saddle will not be fitted to your bicycle