Garry has stock of Speedplay Zero and Speedplay light action pedals. These pedals offer the most adjustability of any road pedal on the market today, perfect for getting the best bikefit possible.

Speedplay pedals are by a long way the most adaptable, flexible and well thought out pedal system for the road on the market today. Once again however, they are expensive and require some degree of ongoing maintenance too. Getting your cleat set up dialled in is far easier to achieve using this pedal system and so I feel it is worthy of a mention here, particularly for anyone looking at changing their pedals or indeed moving across to clipless for the first time. I keep a range of speedplay pedals and speedplay spares in stock, if moving to speedplay is a consideration then please contact me to discuss your options prior to your fit.

Speedplay also offer a solution for those with a leg length difference and who use a Mtb type shoe and a Mtb type pedal system. It is called 'Syzr' and custom pedals can be ordered directly through myself due to the fact they are made to order. 

SPEEDPLAY PEDALS INSTAGRAM the bikefitters friend