THE STANDARD BIKEFIT 2.5 - 3hrs - £175

Garr Kirk Bike Fitting Standard Bikefit
Garry Kirk Bike Fitting utilises Steve Hogg's patented methods for foot correction.  He is a  Steve Hogg Approved bike fitter.

Over the years it has became apparent to me that (broadly speaking) there are two types of cyclists, those who wish to optimise their cycling through whatever means necessary and those who maybe just want some niggles or issues resolved. That may be the recreational rider, the commuter or maybe someone who hasn't been riding for that long or is budget conscious. They may have even taken up cycling as a form of rehab and ended up with the bug. 

Equally so there is also the new cyclist or seasoned cyclist, 100% committed to cycling and doing whatever they can to progress. It is for these reasons I have decided to offer two bikeift services. Firstly the current comprehensive bikefit, which lasts between 5-6 hours depending on what needs done and the standard bikefit, which lasts between 2.5-3 hours. 


The difference here is that the comprehensive fitting is more involved and focusses in far greater detail on the riders function. It provides the rider with detailed information on their current physical condition and works towards improving that on the day using Applied movement neurology as well as methods developed by Steve Hogg. These methods combine to improve muscle facilitation (switching weak an inhibited muscles back on), improving neurological imbalances and increasing asymmetric ranges of motion. Typically the more advanced or committed cyclist will benefit from the comprehensive fitting and what comes from that (homework) and for the cyclist on a budget, or who is new to the sport, or maybe doesn’t have the time to do whatever it takes off the bike to create a better version of themselves on the bike, they may find they are better suited opting for the standard bikefit. 


The standard bikefit will make you aware of your current physical limitations as this is information which is critical for any bikefit anyway, however it will not dig deeper and improve on these issues on the day. For many, the resulting off the bike work necessary to improve their function going forward after a comprehensive fitting isn’t something they feel they have the time for anyway or isn’t part of what they were expecting from a bikefit and so this offers them a more cost friendly option in an attempt to meet their current needs. 


You may be saying now, “well why can’t you provide that anyway”? The simple answer is time. It takes twice as long (at least) to gather that information through assessment and remedial action than it does to set up cleats, ascertain appropriate foot correction and position a rider on their bike. 

The Standard fit allows the budget conscious, time restricted or less committed cyclist to achieve a satisfying, comfortable, efficient and injury free position on their bike, as well as an insight into the full fit process should they wish to learn more and come back in the future. 


Foot correction is included and mandatory in both fittings. I flew to the other side of the world and studied for three weeks with Steve Hogg to be able to bring patented methods of foot correction to Scotland and so the same applies to both fits, if the rider has suitable arch support on the day we’ll use it, if they have wedges or shims that work for them we’ll use them and if not, I will provide the correct level of arch support, the correct kind of wedging (heel/cleat) and position them correctly on the day utilising these patented methods. It is advisable if you don’t have these things initially to wait until your fitting as this will avoid any costly mistakes prior to the fit. 


  • Detailed rider questionnaire.

  • Physiological assessment of riders functional & flexibility.

  • Cleat Position/Optimisation (fore, aft, lateral adjustment and float).

  • * Foot Correction using patented methods developed by Steve Hogg. 

  • Contact Point Optimisation (Kurt Kinetic Rock N Roll) 

  • Supply & fitment of any new components.

  • Post Fit Notes & Recommendations.

  • BikeCAD drawing of new bicycle position.

  • Follow Up within 3 months if required.


  • Assessment and correction of Neurological Inhibitions using Steve Hogg's LVM techniques. 

  • Assessment of cerebellum, vestibular system and application of techniques learned as an AMN  practitioner.

* The above price is that for a bike fitting with Garry. Insoles, wedging & any shimming will further be determined using patented techniques developed by Steve Hogg.  There are currently only 10 fitters in the world licensed to use these methods of which he is one. This means the final cost can't be pre determined and the cost of these items is in addition to the above fitting fee. Sidas insoles will be used unless you opt for the G8 2620's. In some cases where arch height differs substantially I may recommend G8's as the best option. 

  • G8 Insoles £85

  • Sidas Insoles £30

  • Wedges £3 p/wedge

  • Shims £5 p/shim

  • Custom Speedplay Shim stack £35