Below are a mixture of reviews pulled from my facebook & Google pages. All reviews are in the public domain and reflect the hard work I put into every single fitting I do. I do hope they can be of use to you and help provide confidence when taking the next step and booking in for a fitting. 

Stevie Weir

Road Cyclist/racer - multi discipline

Went into this bike fit with no one specific issue but a vague feeling of 'inefficiency' on the bike.

A comprehensive assessment showed a range of issues with the current fit and foot correction. 

I left feeling much more planted and efficient on the bike. I am now recruiting more and larger muscle groups to pedal. Just because you can pedal the bike in your current fit doesn't mean that thats the way it should be!

Thanks again Garry for taking the time! Knowledgable and confidence inspiring.

Bruce Greenhaugh

Ironman Athlete

Fascinating day, learnt a lot, gained insight into things I’d never previously considered at all! Position afterwards is like night and day compared to the horror show I pitched up with. Much more comfortable well worth it.  

Looking forward to getting some miles in now with the new setup. Massive thanks.

Barry Mooney

Road Cyclist


I had a long day with Garry last week as he fitted me for my two road bikes but I must say the time flew past. Garry’s passion for cycling and also bike fitting (properly) came across from the first minute as he changed a lot of things about my position. I also got fitted by Garry for Lake cycling shoes and fitted properly unlike my old shoes. The shoes are not cheap but extremely comfortable and you get what you pay for. Also with the fit you get G8 insoles for arch support and Garry explained exactly why it’s so important. Throughout the day he explains why he’s made changes to your position and the benefits it makes to cycling. I’ve had a couple of rides since my fit and I can definitely feel the benefit of the new position on bike and shoes feel fantastic also. I would highly recommend anyone to go and see Garry and pay the money to get fitted properly! Thanks again Garry for all your help and patience, cheers! P.S. I know were my sit bones are now haha!

Bryan McLachlan



It took me a long time to get around to getting bike fit. I was not in any real discomfort and I felt that everything was okay. However, now that I've had the fit, I really wish that I'd gone for it years ago. Garry made some subtle, but very important, changes to my position that have meant that I'm recruiting the correct muscles at the correct time and that I'm able to get the very best out of my bike. The foot correction was a revelation and I would definitely go for this if you want the best fit possible. I'm already feeling more comfortable and efficient on the bike and I'm grateful to Garry for taking the time to make sure that everything was just right. My fit was a thoroughly enjoyable and beneficial experience. Worth every penny! Thanks, Garry!


Road & Touring Cyclist


I recently spent a day for road bike fitting with Garry.It was an enjoyable, intense , but extremely educational time; for the first time ever I'm sitting symmetrically , comfortably and stable at all loads, in and out of the saddle.Garry uses a method described by the world leader in bike fit thinking -Steve Hogg. Garry's approach was detailed , methodical and painstaking-often going back to changes made earlier to recheck.He has a keen eye ,which in combination with his detailed questioning and functional assessment gave great confidence.He offers a money back guarantee and includes [highly customisable] G8 insoles -worth £80 alone. He continues to invest in equipment and training ,and maintains a high level of enthusiasm and professional curiosity . I cannot recommend him highly enough . He is also a keen cyclist and thoroughly good bloke .

Gary Marshall

Road Cyclist


What a difference a bike fit makes! I visited Garry's studio with some trepidation and was unsure about whether or not the fit would make a difference! Wow was I wrong! I have a BMC timemachine that I use for road cycling and triathlon and up until this point I have been sitting on the bike in totally the wrong position and totally disadvantaging myself! I was with Garry for over three and it was an education just listening and watching Garry make subtle but dramatic changes to my bike position. My saddle was way too high, bar out of wack and areo bars that I couldn't even reach! Garry has such a keen eye and professional manner and he can easily spot how to better position you on the bike. For marginal gains in cycling and triathlon having the your bike fitted to properly fit you is a sound investment and I cant recommend Garry highly enough!

Stephen Howarth

Recreational Cyclist 


So I approached this whole thing with some trepidation as I thought this was for proper cyclists and fit people. Garry has put me at ease every step of the way. Nothing is too much trouble. Before the fit I had the wrong size shoes, he got me in the right ones after a lot of emails to and fro. During the fit he went over everything with a fine tooth comb. He spots all your bad habits (bend your elbows!) and until one problem is sorted out he doesn't adjust something else. The patience and understanding is phenomenal even when I couldn't articulate what I was feeling. The wife didn't really recognise the bike when it came back. stem, handlebars and seatpost all changed for what fits you. The ride home felt great, the ride there didn't! Wholeheartedly recommended

Nicky Shaw

Ultra Endurance - Trans Continental


My bike fit with Garry was superb. Having spent most of the day on Saturday, I'm fully confident that it has been time well spent and worth every penny. Garry's enthusiasm for what he does is brilliant. He's incredibly thorough in all aspects of the fit, nothing is rushed. If you have any issues on the bike, I highly recommend a visit. 5 star service!

Lee Dixon

Road Cyclist 


If you need a bike fit don't look anywhere else. What an experience. Garry's detail is astounding (5hrs). The best money I've ever spent. I've spent a fortune on physo's. He's solved a knee problem I've had for years in one visit!!! Thanks again

Morag Prach

Belles On Bikes (Cumbernauld) 

This review is on behalf of my 13 year old daughter. We went to Garry in May. The delay is simply that my daughter hadn't quite cycled enough miles to give some feedback. However, great fit! Despite her ongoing health issues she can comfortably cycle 30 miles. Her position is good and we thoroughly recommend Garry to ensure that your cycling is niggle free and fun.

Michael Carrigan

Road Cyclist 

There was no rushing on the day of the bike fit. Gradual improvements and tweaks continually during the session. Nothing was too much bother and I was pleased with all of the improvements. Having been out on the road the difference has let me relax and enjoy my cycling and have the extra energy in reserve to push on more. It isn't cheap, but it is worth it and money well spent.

Rachid Senouci

Road Cyclist 


Would highly recommend visiting Garry for a bike fit. Garry was very thorough, spending hours getting everything set up correctly on two bikes. Very pleased with the results - improved comfort and efficiency. Well worth the time and money. Thanks!


New Road Cyclist

Excellent experience with garry from start to finish. He even advised me on shoes and pedals for my first road bike. I was in for just over 6 hours and we went through everything - with garry explaining everything as we went through. He has since kept in touch and helped me with non bike fit related things. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending garry to any other cyclists!! Thanks for your help garry :)

Andrew Memmott 

Road Cyclist

Having just spent 3 hrs having a bike fitting session with Garry I happy to say what a great experience this was and how thoroughly all aspects of set up were examined starting at the shoes (which I didn't realise were as important in the grand scheme of things) through to saddle/pedal alignment and onto handlebar positioning. Early doors but having already done a couple of 30 milers since the session already i feel the difference, on for a 50+ this weekend to really test the outputs

Graham Elliot

Long term Roady


Excellent service from Garry, he spent all day making adjustments and observing the effects of even the smallest changes. I'm looking forward to seeing and feeling the benefits of the changes he has made to my position on the bike.

Jim Graham

Long Term Endurance Road Cyclist


Bike fit last year, approximately 8k miles since. Result?? No more knee pain, no more sore shoulders, no more foot pain.
Best money you can spend on your bike!

Martin Gore

Road Racing -TT'ing


Great bike fit with Garry. Really knows his stuff. Spent a long time looking into all aspects of my fit for my TT bike.

Myrian Lazo

Recreational Cyclist


Great service and very thorough. Looking forward to testing the new set-up, including the different saddle. Garry is incredibly enthusiastic and passionate to make a difference. He spent considerable time tweaking and adjusting the set-up to millilitre perfection. I left feeling rest assured and confident that the changes will make considerable differences in the long-term. Thanks, Garry.

Doog Carruthers

Road Racing & TT'ing


Solid afternoon with Garry. I had to unlearn a lot of very generic advice I'd been given previously. There is a holistic element which is hard to get your head around if you're not that way inclined but there's plenty of tangible science too (Garry doesnt use either element to upsell finishing kit upgrades BTW which is refreshing). Very much the beginning of a longer process for me but one worth investing in and I'm happy to continue working with Garry to reach my longer term goals.

Jane Hier



Very knowledgeable. Spent lots of time getting every detail perfect. Great advice and nice facilities. Don't know how I ever managed to ride my bike before Gary sorted it!

John Pierre Ryan

Club Cyclist


When I turned 50 last year I pushed the boat out and spent some serious money on a bike from a reputable dealer who included a fit as part of the sale. I'd known people who'd had bike fits and described pain staking attention to detail. So when I bought my bike I expected to be there for a while. But I was wrong! 25/30 minutes tops and 'that's just about perfect is was I was told. Nothing changed so in my ignorance I assumed the bike was the perfect purchase. But I was losingpower when I cycled so went back. Nothing changed and to be honest it felt like despite the money I'd spent I was being made to feel inadequate. Fast forward to this year I thought I'd look at a bike fit again. So I did some research and contacted a few fitted, including Garry. So I took the plunge and spent nearly 4.5 hours today having 2 bikes fitted. Stem lengths changed, saddles adjusted, cleat position changed, pedal washers fitted to improve kneed alignment, feet measured, balance tested, video analysis and made to feel I mattered. Some may say a bike fit is an indulgence but being 50+ now and enjoying cycling the last thing I need is poor bio-mechanics. Garry, you're a star. I'll be back with my winter bike in October. Thanks again.....

Kenny Cruickshank

Club Cyclist


I purchased a new bike which came with bike fit included in the shop. After being fitted for the bike I took part in a sportive 2 weeks later. Half way through the event I was in agony with my lower back. Having done a lot of miles the past year I thought it must be down to the new bike. After another visit back to the bike shop I received another bike fit, but still after this my back was still in agony. So I decided to look up Gary Kirk on the recommendation from work colleagues. 

What can I say......Night and Day difference between Gary's bike fit and the poor effort offered at the bike shop. After an 8 hour fit from Gary, I left with a setup that covered absolutely everything with the main aim of making me more comfortable and efficient on the bike. My saddle height dropped 40mm!! Yes 40mm....that's how much out of position the bike shop had put me on the bike and was no wonder I had a sore back.

So after a few weeks of riding I can now report no back problems, bike feels amazing and in Gary's words seeing me post fit "you look like a roadie now" not only that I feel like one now.

Money and time well spent with such a good knowledgable guy who leaves no stone unturned and sends you out the door with your bespoke bike fit to perfection.

I would recommend everyone should visit Gary and have been doing so when out on the club ride.

Thanks Gary for getting me on the right track and will be back for a follow up fit early next year as I get more flexibility.


Chris Brown

TT Bike

The fitting was a real eye opener and I just didn’t realise how much science and individuality went into it. Garry,you know your stuff!! Looking forward to see how my re tuned position on my TT bike performs but i'm in no doubt i'm now set up to maximise each pedal stroke. Would thoroughly recommend GK Bike Fitting !

David Kirkpatrick

Road Racer


I went to see Garry to have a proper bike fit on both my main bike and my training bike. I had been getting a sore neck and stiffness across the back of my shoulders after long training rides and sportive. I was well impressed with Garry who took his time to explain everything he was doing and was very thorough in his set up of me and my bike. I had just bought a pair of new cycling shoes and Garry was able to tell me that it would be difficult to get the required adjustments to my cleats due to the holes for the cleats being too far forward on that particular brand of cycling shoe - I didn't even realise the holes were in different positions on different shoes. 
We decided to use my old shoes which were in pretty good condition. Firstly though I was thoroughly analysed and measured on my bike and Garry was able to tell me that the torque output from both my legs was not equal and that I was cycling with my left side lower than the right. After some serious twiddling with a shorter stem length, different saddle and saddle adjustment and a 3mm shim on the cleat of my left shoe we were sorted. The whole process took around four and a half hours and that was just for my main bike. I tried out my new position the very next day whilst riding a fifty miles sportive and the difference was like night and day. My position on the bike was much more comfortable, I was putting down slightly more watts, every time I looked at my Speedo I was going faster than I had imagined. I don't usually ride the whole sportive on the drops due to discomfort but that day I did with no pain or stiffness at the end. My time for the sportive was under the three hours for the first time by about five minutes. The first week after my bike fit has gone by and I have done a few more rides and am getting stronger each ride and more used to the new position as it is a huge change going from one position to a completely new one and I am closely following the post fit advice that Garry gives out. I will be going back to see Garry to complete the measurements for my training bike soon. I would thoroughly recommend the use of Garry's services if you are experiencing the problems caused by an ill fitted bike or where you want to improve your efficiency on the bike - top marks from a very satisfied customer.


Road Racer

Would highly recommend visiting Garry for a bike fit. Garry was very thorough, spending hours getting everything set up correctly on two bikes. Very pleased with the results - improved comfort and efficiency. Well worth the time and money. Thanks!


Endurance Cyclist


An excellent bike fit. Very holistic and thorough in his approach and won't stop til your position is just right. He spent an afternoon helping me get my position right to ride a 4000km race, so regardless of what kind of cycling you're planning, it is well worth a trip to see Garry.


Leisure Cyclist 

Received a bike fit from Garry on 7th May, the reason I went for one was to be able to ride for more than six hours on the seat and be comfortable as I'm doing a 100 mile cycle later in the year. I was informed that the fit would take approx 5 hours, all in all I was with Garry for 6 hours, the level of detail that he goes into is fantastic and way above what I was expecting. My position has changed considerably given that he has implemented subtle changes to seat position, bar height, stem etc, I now feel less weight on the bars & less stress in the quads together with an improved pedal stroke. The day after I went for a 20 mile cycle and was blown away at the difference the fit has made to my cycling, I would highly recommend Garry to anyone looking for a completely bespoke bike fit as I had a first class experience.


Leisure Cyclist

Visited Garry on 01/05/17 for a bike fit.  From the moment I spoke to Garry I felt very confident that the fit would be very professionally done. 
Relaxed, knowledgeable and friendly. Garry explained every step of the process and the initial difference I have experienced is very positive. 
I would recommend Garry very highly. And I will return. Excellent service and really enjoyable day.


Leisure Cyclist

The Man's a genius! He informed me that my right leg is around 12mm smaller than my left, he built up my right shoe with spacers and I could feel a massive difference. He also pays great a attention to everything else and is not satisfied until you feel comfortable on the bike. After the fit he gave me a stretching program to follow to improve my flexibility and invited me back after 6 weeks for a follow up. Would definitely recommend



Had bike fit yesterday. Garry was spot on knowledgeable guy quickly sorted any issues I was having. Still to try on long cycle but after a half hour on turbo things felt grand. Many thanks.🖒After first decent distance ride today 56 miles. No issues at all. 80% of ride done on drops of bars so quicker to all good.


Professional Football Player



I can't recommend getting a bike fit with Garry enough, for anyone looking to improve their cycling performance. Garry went above and beyond in explaining the reason and benefit for each adjustment he was making to my position and I can't wait to reap the benefits in the coming months. Garry took great time in making sure everything was perfect with my fit, and actually went out his way to avoid me having to pay for new parts for the bike. Highly recommended!


Leisure Cyclist

Great experience - I have not been cycling long and just bought a road bike and wanted to have this set up as I had been having problems with my knee and hip. A great eye opener about cycling physiology and how important the right bike set up is! Came away with lots more knowledge about what I wanted from a bike and my cycling experience. Have been out on bike for a few rides since and has definitely made a difference - also changed some bike parts on Garry's advice which has again made a big difference - wish I had that advice when I was buying my bike!!!


Age: 33



Garry performs what I believe a bike fit should be. I've had many in the past but none have gone into the detail that he does. He explains every detail of the measurements he's performing and what he hopes to achieve from them. I managed a ride on the turbo trainer pain free for the first time in a year the day after the fit and stayed in the aero bars for the full ride. I will be going back with my road bike definitely. It was also pointed out that neither of my pairs of shoes were the correct size, something that no one else has noticed during previous fits, he doesn't sell shoes so gains nothing from pointing this out. I went in with a million questions and Garry answered them all, some of them were not what I wanted to hear (mostly like if I buy 'x' will it make me faster) but were the correct answer in my opinion.


Road Racing / Endurance


Extremely detailed fit. 
Every aspect of the bike and rider is thoroughly analysed, literally from head to toe, and the position on the bike incrementally changed to achieve the most comfortable/effective position possible. 
Garry is extremely knowledgable and will answer specific questions or try to address specific issues. 
Highly recommend.


Road Racing/Criterium Racing



Received a bike fit from Garry on 11th January, I was informed that the fit would take approx 2 hours, all in all I was with Garry for 3 hours, the level of detail that he goes into is fantastic and way above what I was expecting. My position has changed considerably given that he has implemented subtle changes to seat position, bar height, stem etc, I now feel less weight on the bars & less stress in the quads together with an improved pedal stroke, If asked I would highly recommend Garry to anyone looking for a completely bespoke bike fit as I had a first class experience.


Age: 40

Triathlete/ Road Racing

What a great experience. I've been cycling for years and got a voucher for a fit as a birthday present. I took my current road bike along and cannot believe the difference. I can now get more power through the pedals using less effort and I'm carrying a lot less weight through my shoulders and hands. 

I've had fits before but never anything that went into this much detail. Garry has a huge amount of experience and I learned a lot through the process. I would highly recommend a fit with Garry if you want to get more from your cycling. An altogether excellent experience and outcome.

Mouldy Moldovan

Recreational Cyclist / Endurance Events



Had been suffering neck and arm pains, after getting a bike fit from Garry this sorted issue 

Garry has a fine attention to detail and covers everything 

Well worth the time and money


Ironman Athlete


I’d had a road bike for a few years and never bothered with a professional bike fit. I was sceptical of the need for one, due to cost (mostly a sell up opportunity for bike shops) and comfort (isn’t the best person to determine my most comfortable riding position myself?). It was only when I was midway through my Ironman training plan this year that I started to feel I was lacking power on the bike, had too many aches and pains after each session, and was working harder on the bike than I should have been - and that a bike fit might be worth considering. Garry’s name cropped up in a few online bike forums, and after reading up on his credentials, I opted for his services. Although the cost was slightly higher than standard bike fittings, I felt he offered a more personal and comprehensive service. On the day, Garry was very patient and understanding, and during the 6 hour bike fit (yes, 6 hours…take a packed lunch), he adjusted saddle, stems, cleats, and added shims until I felt I had my optimum position on the bike. Garry also gave me information on core workouts to improve my cycling ability, helpful gadgets to minimise pain from injury, and a copy of my new bike measurements which will come in handy for future bike purchases! It was certainly time and money well spent….and I have reaped the benefits from the changes he made, completing the bike leg of my Ironman an hour quicker than expected! I can’t recommend Garry highly enough.




Sportives and Endurance 

A week and a bit a go I got a Retul bike-fit done at a shop recommended by someone in my club. I was a bit disappointed that the shop in question didn't have any ideas to solve the foot discomfort I've been getting with my new shoes, so I did a Google search to look for someone who could. I found Garry's site, called up and after a chat on the phone organised to go and see him for a shoe/cleat-fit last weekend. 
After an hour or so with Garry working meticulously through the issues I'd been having, I realised the bike-fit I'd had done the week earlier just wasn't going to come close to what Garry could offer. So, after a short discussion, Garry very kindly agreed to change his plans for the day and upgrade the shoe/cleat fit to a full bike-fit. 
I was totally blown away by Garry's knowledge and the detail the fit went into. I could actually feel the difference with each of the changes and I'm absolutely thrilled with the results. Garry gave me plenty of time to get a feel for each of the adjustments on the turbo and even made sure I took a quick spin up and down the street at the end of the fitting to have a quick check on the road.
I fired in another hour on the road yesterday and the bike feels great. I'm really looking forward now to getting out on some longer rides.
I'll be recommending Garry to all the cyclists I know. 
For the quality of the service, I thought the pricing was absolutely excellent. 
Overall, a very happy customer. Thanks Garry!



Alpine Climbs and silly distances

Had my bike fitting with Gary on Wednesday 20th July mainly due to issue that had been arising on long rides such as hot foot, sore backsides and numb hands. Gary was excellent at explaining the reasons why such problems were arising and also how his methods could resolve the issues. During the fitting, Gary took great care to ensure the issues with my shoes were resolved and moved me onto speed play pedals with a cleat setting more towards the middle of the foot. Further changes involved moving my seat up and back as well as changing my saddle from my Adams back to my old Fizik Aliante. My bars were also changed to ones with less distance to the drops. The effect of all these changes were examined whilst on the turbo and slight tweaks were done to the saddle height to ensure the optimum position. We finally had a quick trial outside and the differences were apparent immediately and then main impact was that I felt able to generate more power over the top of the pedal stroke. The fitting whilst a lengthy procedure was very informative and Gary was most through in all he did.
Since returning home I have found the changes have been most beneficial to my cycling and have set many personal bests on my local rides. It is only having had the bike fitting done do I realise that this is something I should have done years ago and I would strongly recommend Gary for anyone thinking about having a bike fit.


Age 53

Ultra Endurance Athlete


So today I changed my religion.

 I'm now a member of the church of mid sole cleats on speedplay pedals. Thanks to Garry Kirk for helping me see the light and spending 5 hours converting me and then fine tuning my Scott Foil. A really in depth analysis which unlike my only other experience at Cyclefit in London, wasn't all about trying to get me to spend 5 figures on a new bike. Great job Garry!


Joseph Docherty

Age: 18
Sportives and Junior racing

Problems pre-fitting

 Bike wasn’t fitted properly to me, meaning I often endured pain in my arms and lower back and felt less comfortable, making rides of over 3 hours much more difficult and unpleasant to do.

Changes made and effects

Since the fit, I’ve been able to go on longer rides and now do around six hours in hilly terrain, something that would just not have been possible if I hadn’t had my position changed. My pedalling style has also changed, making me more smooth which helps the power translate better from my legs to the road. This has helped me ride faster as well as feeling fresher towards the back end of the ride as less energy is wasted. Most importantly, I now feel comfortable on my bike and enjoy riding it more, which is what I am most grateful to Garry for helping me with and I strongly recommend a fitting with him!



Ironman Athlete


Great attention to detail. Fully explained every change and reasons behind the changes. Have previously had another bikefit set up with Retul fit and I am of the opinion that Gary spent more time on my personal requirements and what suited me. Looking forward to reaping the benefits.






Age: 34

Glasgow Couriers CC

Riding most of my life but more seriously this past 3 years


Prior to going for my bike fit I suffered from numbness to both wrists after about 30 minutes of riding. I never really considered that my riding position was too bad but I always considered it just needed tweeked..... I couldn't have been more wrong. I found the entire bike fitting experience thoroughly enjoyable and informative. Garry takes the time and effort to explain everything and you could see that he cared about getting it right as if he were fitting himself. During the fit it was found that I have differing leg length and this was sorted with the addition of spacers under the cleats which instantly made a world of distance. The new g8 insoles instantly gave a level of support that I didn't think was possible out with handmade shoes. I always considered that I needed to move forward on the bike,however Garry discovered that my saddle needed dropped and moved back. Instantly, although feeling unusual at first, the bike felt so much better and made me realise the set up I had was way off. I had more power and endurance and felt that I could turn the pedals easier as opposed to pushing with the right leg and simply following with the left. The wrist numbness has also disappeared. I took up the option to return for reassessment 4-6 weeks after and we tried a few new things but ended up returning it to the post fit position which is testament that Garry took the time and effort to get it right first time.


I would recommend to anyone considering getting a bike fitting in Scotland to go for it with Garry, It will increase your ability and pleasure many fold. 




Glasgow Nightingales


Garry is extremely professional with his bike fits his attention to detail is outstanding. His knowledge is excellent and he explains each stage of the process fully. Garry takes his time aiming for perfection. My race bike feels more comfortable as do my shoes. Looking forward to sorting my TT bike next. I highly recommend Garry.





Lomond Roads


I ride with Lomond Road Cycle Club and have been cycling for approx. 5 years. I started cycling as part of Triathlon but now concentrate all my time and efforts on cycling. 

So getting a proper bikefit seemed like the next step in improving and assisting what I was doing on the bike.

I found the experience to be very positive and in-depth and tailored to fit. It was not a generic one fit for all, it felt very tailored.

The handle bars and stem were changed on my bike along with the cleats and the cleat position, Insoles with wedges and a shim were fitted to my shoes. 

The change to the handle bar and stem have made for a more aero, efficient and comfortable  position on the bike.

The cleats I had fitted prior to the fit had no great thought in position or level of float the changes made I feel have increased the power I can generate and my general comfort on the bike.

I have found all changes to have made for a more comfortable time on the bike and I am cycling stronger than ever.





Terry Cole

Age: 35


Worth every penny, Garry spends whatever time is required going through things in mega detail, checking and double checking to ensure you have the optimum set up. There is so much more to riding a bike than simply following the standard rules out there for setting it up correctly and more often than not it won't be correct as was the case with me. If you are spending any reasonable amount of money on a bike then it's madness not to go for a proper fitting session and my eyes have been opened after Garry sorted out the issues I was having. I was skeptical of the insoles being anything more than basically insoles but they really do allow a proper set up on the bike. I am in no way associated with Garry, this is just an honest opinion and I can assure you that it will be the best money you have ever spent and allows you to get the full potential out of the bike and much more enjoyment.





Davie Mooney

Age: 40

Sportive Rider

Not your usual bikefit. Takes a bit of time and worth every second. Garry is knowledgeable, sincere and committed. Small changes made big differences. Will post a follow up review in a month or so when back to full riding after the recommended settling in and adjustment period. Thoroughly recommend you get in touch with Garry, find out about his methods then get yourself booked in with him. This is more than just a bike fit.








Excellent! A service you won't get anywhere else in Scotland! A 6 hour very individual bike fit! Garry is really knowledgeable and spends loads oftime getting it just right. Can't wait to get working on my bike, feeling motivated!






Tam Stewart

Age: 34

Sports massage therapist


Fantastic bikefit from Gary, great attention to detail, and very knowledgable, can notice a massive difference while out on the bike. Highly recommended, thanks again.








Very happy with service received, would highly recommend!! Great Attention to detail and spot on knowledge !!





John Russell



Great service. Very thorough! Follow ups more than welcome. Highly recommended!!!