Custom bike design and builds in Scotland. Designed and built by Garry Kirk Bike Fitting. Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Perth, Glasgow, Dundee.le
Custom Triton Frame Designedby Garry Kirk at Garry Kirk Bike Fitting. Ready to be built into a custom bike build in Paisley, Glasgow Scotland.
Triton Chain Stays. Custom Bike Design in Glasgow Scotland. Titanium.
Chris King Headset, Triton Custom Road frame. Custom bike design in Scotland by Garry Kirk at Garry Kirk Bike Fitting. Affordable dream bike builds.
Frame design by Garry Kirk at Garry Kirk Bike Fittng.


It never fails to amaze me how much cash people are prepared to spend on bicycles which a large proportion of the time are not the most suitable bicycle for them based firstly on their physiology and secondly on their chosen riding style. What is your flexibility and function like? Do you have funky body proportions? Do you wish to race the bike? Do you want to ride it all year round on Scottish roads and hit a trail every now and then? Do you want to be able to light tour on it?   What this then means, is that they end up with a bike that doesn't ride with the characteristics it ideally would do, if it had been built around about those requirements from the start.


Qualities such as handling and comfort are what you get - rather than getting the handling and comfort that you want and need via the design of the bicycle.


A custom bicycle has one thing that no off the shelf bicycle has and that's YOU at the heart of the entire design process and let's face it.. who wouldn't want that? 

There are so many aspects of frame design which are simply 'standard' across brands and frame sizes which have nothing other than cost at the heart of the brands decision making processes. Cost is the major driving factor in mass produced bikes today, from the chosen materials to the actual location the Italian dream bike you so heavily desire is really made.

When you buy custom, you get a bike built by the name on the frame, by guys who live for what they do. It's their livelihood and it's in their interest that 100% attention to detail is placed on every aspect of the build process from the start to the finish. You receive a bike that started off with a bikefit to determine the best actual position for you based on your physiology, body proportions and riding style and end up with a durable, bespoke, custom frame designed around that position, which steers and handles properly and has other determining factors such as comfort & intended use built in.

I've sat for up to 2.5 hours with some clients just to get all the information I possibly can from them before designing that one off special frame. 


The frame only option currently starts at £2100. If you are 100% happy with your position on the bike I can design a frame based around that position and supply you with the frame to build up yourself. Alternatively we can start at the beginning with a bikefit and work from there on the design, component selection and the final bike build.