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ANNUAL TUNE UP 1.5hrs - £65

Saddle height and annual positional adjustments made as part o the annual tune up service. Have you changed in this last year? cycling injuries or weight gain, long periods off the bike? check your fit.
Steve Hogg Approved bike fitter Garry Kirk of Garry Kirk Bike Fitting.


The need for a tune up can be the result of many different factors. Wear and tear of existing products, physical or physiological changes, weight gain/loss, allergies, illness, rider ambitions & goals can change and so on.. 

This service allows you to tune up on your existing fit and deal with any new issues on the bike. Alternatively it will give you the peace of mind that your existing position is still optimum for you and your requirements.

If you have previously been fitted by me and wish to book in for an annual tune up, then please click book now below.

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