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Selle SMP 70th Anniversary Dynamic in white.

If you have issues with your current saddle or have had issues with a number of saddles in the past and wish to change your saddle as part of your bikefit, then I would recommend changing to an SMP saddle. SMP provide a well designed, well thought out range of saddles, that are durable, recoverable and with a variety of profiles and padding thicknesses that help make finding the perfect saddle possible for everyone. Please add this service onto the bikefit you are booking in for during the booking process. The cost to add a saddle fit to your bikefit is  £45 and the additional duration is 1 hour. 

During the saddle fitting process, we will discuss the SMP range and which saddle I think would initially be best suited for you and we can work from there to arrive at the appropriate conclusion. When both you and I are happy, I will supply you with your chosen saddle in your choice of colour (Please note: If you require a coloured saddle, then the saddle will have to be ordered in)

The current price for a performance saddle finished in black leather is £205, whilst a coloured saddle costs a further £15 on top of that, however, you do get what you pay for - in this case, some heavy R&D and a 100% hand made in Italy finish.

* I do also keep a range of ISM saddles, as well as some SQ Labs and some short nose offerings.  Depending on what is required on the day, will depend on whether I use an alternative to an SMP. 

PLEASE NOTE: I do not offer this service in isolation or to anyone that has not been previously fitted by me. You must either bolt this onto your bikefit or have been previously fitted by me, to be eligible for this service. If you turn up on the day and have not booked the saddle fit, then you will have to return post fit, at a later date, in order to make use of this service. 

The Selle SMP saddle fitting determines the correct saddle shape and width for each individual client. Here hown alongside a Specialized power saddle. It is important to take all saddle dimension  into account and fit the new saddle in the correct position in terms of angle, heght and setback.

For a much more detailed account of SMP’s and their benefits please read the following articles by Steve Hogg here and Colby Pearce here where you will find all the information you could possibly require regarding these saddles.

Selle SMP Saddles available for test are as follows..

















SMP test saddles offer the client a chance to try out the best saddles on the market and make an informed decision rather than a costly mistake. Garry Kirk is an experienced bike fitter and will help the client make the right saddle choice at their bikefit
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