Garr Kirk running through the LAKE cyling shoe range to find the best fitting cycling shoe for optimum power transfer, cleat position and fit. Lake cycling shoes offer many different shoe lasts and widths to accomodate all foot types.

One of the most common issues I come across on a day to day basis is riders with ill fitting cycling shoes. I'd say the amount of people that arrive for a bikefit with suitable footwear falls somewhere between 1-9%.

I have seen £10k bikes with the power being transferred to the pedals via £40 cycling shoes. This contact point is vitally important - This is where we deliver the power to the pedals. Energy lost here is gone forever.

Having a good stiff soled shoe that fits properly in terms of both length AND width is imperative if we want to arrive at a good cleat position and avoid many of the common foot related symptoms such as clawing, cramping, hot spots, foot pain and numbness. 

The importance of this part of the fit cannot be underestimated.

LAKE are a cycling specific shoe brand catering for all foot types, not merely a fashion accessory where one size fits all allowing the online retailer to heavily discount due to the same last being used for every shoe they manufacture. This is the case for the vast majority of the market place. 


If your cycling shoes are not up to the job then you can book in for a shoe fitting before your bikefit and I can have the most suitable shoe for your foot in stock ready for the big day. It is impossible for anyone to keep a full range of these shoes in stock, even the largest online retailers can't - so whilst there may be shoes in stock to look at on the day, it's unlikely that the exact shoe you require will be and the point of this service is to find the most suitable shoe for you and your foot shape anyway.


The cost for a shoe fitting is £50 and that is redeemable against the cost of the shoe when it arrives in stock.

Garry Kirk recommends LAKE cycling shoes and provides a cycling shoe fitting service in order to find the perfect fittin gpair of cycling shoes.