Eddy Merckx Bike Position Bikfit Scotland

If you have more than one road bike and wish to duplicate your position, the easiest way to do this by far is to use the same saddle, handlebars and pedal system for your contact points, as well as using the same length cranks and the same shoes too. This is assuming you have a bike with the same geometry or as similar a geometry as you can get to that of the bike you are trying to replicate.

When you have been fitted here you will receive a copy of your new bike measurements and you can transfer those measurements to a second bike yourself or return with a second bike and I will duplicate them for you. 

The cost of setting up a second bike is £60. If there are different components on the second bike then I will likely need to see you on the bike. If setting up a second bike runs over 1.5hrs then there is an hourly rate of £40 p/hr until the duplicate position is satisfactory.