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A custom frame design for a Dario Pegoretti Duende with Ciavette paint scheme. After the optimum bike position is realised the we can move onto frame design, working then with the frame builder of choice to make that dream custom bike a reality.
Stev Hogg Approved Bike Fitter Garry Kirk will design a custom frame using BikeCAD software. Whether it's a Passoni, BAUM, SEVEN, Firefly, Mosaic, Moots or your loal builder, there's nothing quite like a custom frame.

If you are happy with your bike position and have always dreamed of that made to measure - bespoke - custom built bicycle then I can design something which will meet your exact needs and (if you need me to) work with a frame builder of your choice to make that bike a reality. Alternatively, you can walk away with your drawings and liaise with a builder yourself, safe in the knowledge your design will serve you well when the dream bike is finally built. 


With a custom design there is far more 'freedom to create' and a custom design will almost always result in a bike with better ride characteristics than a standard 'one size fits all' design. Often even hand built bicycles come in stock sizes. Sometimes this works OK (from a fit perspective) and sometimes it doesn't, but even with a stock bike that fits - there are still design elements you can build into your dream bike that are more relevant to you and what it is you require. 

The process will involve measuring up your existing bicycle and having a long discussion over a coffee or even several coffees about everything you need the bike to do. Often there will be things we discuss which you have never even considered. I am here to guide you through the process and help you make informed decisions.


The result ? ... A truly one off bike that can provide you with enjoyment & satisfaction for the rest of your life.

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