This is the studio of Scotland's premier bike fitter - Garry Kirk Bike Fitting. If looking for a bike fitting in Scotland then he is equipped to deliver the most professional service in the country using purely customs fitbike to arrive at that perfect fit.

Welcome and thanks for stopping by. Throughout this website you will find lots of information about what I do here and what you can expect should you visit me for a bike fitting here in Glasgow.

I've always had a passion for cycling and have ridden bikes, in one form or another for all of my life. Bike position, or 'bikefit' has always been at the forefront of my mind too and from as early as i can remember I have seen bike position as an almost poetic, artistic coming together of man and machine. I have made it a personal mission of mine to find that ‘coming together’ for everyone I fit here.

Garry Kirk Bike Fitting. Neurological Assessment.
Garry Kirk Bike Fitting is Steve Hogg Approved.

I have been a professional bike fitter now for over 7 years. Prior to that I spent more than a decade studying the subject. There are many different approaches to bike fitting but by far the most common is whereby a shop or person purchases some bike fitting technology, attends a short course on it’s use, then moves onto using systemised or formulaic methods in order to deliver their fits. 

The reason this is the most commonly found approach is because it allows people to remove themselves from the responsibility of the fitting process. This in turn places the onus of their results on the fitting medium being employed. It also means anyone can do it. There is no requirement for any pre existing knowledge, understanding or even experience. 


I say knowledge, understanding & experience, because without that, you are pretty much a slave to technology, relying on certain manufacturers ideas or more commonly, manufacturers assumptions about what constitutes a proper bike fit to arrive at your final results.


The issue with that, is the assumption that firstly those assumptions are correct and secondly, that we can fit individuals within a certain set of parameters and always get the same results. The problems begin to arise when the results are not satisfactory and the fitter doesn’t know why or how to fix them. 

Garry Kirk Bike Fitting offers many bespoke custom bikefit services and is IBFI accredited.

On the back of working closely with some of the industries leading thinkers and pioneers, I have been successful in developing a skillset which allows me to deliver the most cutting edge, scientific bike fitting methods employed in the world today. 

I was asked once, “how do you get into bike fitting” I’ve been asked this many times now. My response is usually along the lines of.. “you don’t choose bike fitting, it chooses you”. I say this as the best fitters out there have a dedication and curiosity in the subject that doesn’t come from simply working in a shop or choosing fitting as the next best thing to do in a long line of cycling related careers or business ventures. They make the subject their life and expand that curiosity to better understand the relationship of human to bike.


This process doesn’t end. To be successful you have to be 100% committed to delivering the absolute best results for your clients and that is why I offer a 100% money back guarantee on my fits. 


Bike fitting in Scotland with a guarantee you say?  ...  YES! - I offer a full 'money back if not happy basis guarantee' 


After the bikefit there is a 3-4 week period of habituation, (this is necessary and allows the body to become accustomed to new motor patterns) - then there are as many return visits as necessary within a three month period to dial the position in further if need be.

 If after three months from the date of the fit, a client is not happy with the final result and feels I have done an unsatisfactory job of significantly improving his or her position, then I will refund them for the fitting and put their contact points back to that of which they were when they first walked through the door.

I would advise anyone coming for a bikefit to arrange one as and when they have a period of 2-3 weeks post fit where they can ride at a low intensity, that being not more than 75% of their maximum heart rate. 

Garry Kirk checking for lateral pelvic tilt and leg lengthdiscrepancy during a bike fitting or bikefit.